Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-Profit organizations face unique and varied challenges in today's ever-changing world of payer consolidations, government reductions, and mergers. At Smith Barta & Company, we can help you focus your attention in the right place…on your worthwhile cause.

We recognize the importance of not-for-profit agencies. By developing a clear understanding of your goals and challenges, our CPAs and associates provide innovative accounting and auditing services specifically geared to assist you in achieving your financial objectives and effectively managing your resources. We focus on building long-term relationships because, after all, the better we know you, the more we can help your organization help others.

At Smith Barta & Company, our comprehensive accounting services provide you with the resources and knowledge you need at a price you can afford. Whether we're auditing your financial statements or assisting with your required information reporting, you can count on us to help you reach your objectives.

Meet our CPAs who specialize in not-for-profit organizations: Tim Barta and Doreen Smith.

We can provide these specialized services:

  • Auditing and Assurance Services
  • Fund-raiser and Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Fraud Prevention
  • A-133 and Compliance Services
  • Governance Issues Consulting
  • Cash Management Consulting
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Board Meeting Presentations
  • Compensation Plans
  • Internal Controls Documentation and Testing
  • Functional Expense Classifications